“Tesa’s music is refreshing and she delivers very compelling vocals!  She’ll make you want to listen again and again.”

– Chip Hardy

While she might be the descendant of the notorious bank-robbing outlaw Jesse James, country singer Tesa James is here to have her own chapter written about her music that the general public will fall in love with. Born and raised in the state of Louisiana, this southern gal happens to be one of those rare cases of a great artist who was discovered by accident. Not planning on a career as a country artist, Tesa just happened to be one of those that were caught singing her own tunes and was able to catch the ear of Grammy Award winning producer Ted Perlman.

“I’m so new to this music stuff and it’s been a crazy journey, but it’s been fun. Growing up, I loved all kinds of music, and being down here in Southwest Louisiana, you have a lot of musical influences. I love Janis Joplin, The Beatles, and the first concert I ever went to in my life was Garth Brooks. I loved it and I never knew concerts could be that fun… I enjoy people’s talent and look to share mine as well.”

Tesa James is no stranger to the stage. She has been singing since she was five. “My mom would haul my sisters, brother, and me down to the local nursing home to sing for the elderly people of Sulphur. Sometimes it was a really tough crowd,” she laughs as she remembers those happy years of her childhood. Her family is very close knit, as most southern families are. Three things in Tesa’s life hold great importance: her faith, her family, and her music. “My family is very supportive of my career and does everything they can to help, so it’s been a blessing. This industry is really cool and I never dreamed in a million years that I would have the opportunity to be a part of this, but I’m enjoying all of it.”

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As if her amazing voice wasn’t enough, she also found that she had a knack for the pen. Tesa first wrote a song titled, “Beautiful.” Her debut song has become her most popular so far. The song was actually written a couple years ago… “Down south, you know people get married young. My younger sister had a bunch of friends that were getting married and she was still single. Just to cheer her up, I told her I’d write her a song for her wedding one day. I sat down at my keyboard one night and it just all came together. It was a song that I just put on the shelf, but later Ted Perlman heard it and wanted to produce it.” “Beautiful” has become the perfect love song, finding its way into many weddings and has also been used on the soundtrack for “The Last day of Summer” starring Twilight’s Nikki Reed.

On most days you’ll find Tesa at her keyboard, working on her next song. “Writing music is the best outlet for all my emotions. I like to sit down at the keyboard and just start playing. I never go in with an idea. I just write what comes out. Depending on my mood that day or what someone is going through at that time has a huge influence on my songs. My producer will have his input as well, taking the melody and creating something around it. I love the fact that country music is all about life. The good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. I hope people will really like the style of the music. It’s different and it’s a really cool project with a nice little twist to it. “

Her first album, “The Assassination of Tesa James” was released in 2010 and featured 7 original works by Tesa. “This album is special because I got to work with two amazing people, producer Ted Perlman and co-producer Peggi Blu.” Ted is the Grammy award-winning producer who has produced, arranged, recorded, and toured with an endless roster of major artists, including Whitney Houston, Elton John, Dolly Parton, Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, CeCe Winans, Natalie Cole, and Frank Sinatra Jr.,to name a few. He has been involved in Major Motion Pictures starring Adam Sandler, Diane Keaton, Nicole Kidman, and Will Ferrell as well as many television shows such as the hit Fox Television Studios and Sony Pictures Television series, The Shield. His songs have been featured on Good Morning America, The Late Show, The Today Show, the MLB World Series and the NFL Superbowl. Peggi Blu, whose famous background vocals have lent themselves to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Barbra Streisand,Quincy Jones,Tracy Chapman, Kylie Minogue, Aaron Neville,and has appeared on ten platinum-selling albums. Other contributors include Teri Wood, who is known for her work on the mega-blockbuster smash hit, Avatar, and professional violinist extraordinaire, Eliza James, who added her flavor of country and rock to the album as well.


Whats next for Tesa? She is heading to Nashville to work on her next project , which will feature a song she and her brother wrote that is close to her heart titled “Living Her Dreams.” ” This is the anthem for every housewife, mom and woman who has dreams, but the world may have thought they traded them in for something less by becoming a mom. I really love this song and hope it will rekindle alot of things in some women who might have stopped dreaming!” She will be working with producer Chip Hardy this go round and is very grateful for all the opportunities God is opening up for her.

Keep a look out for this upcoming project and much more from our rising country star of Louisiana.